Asphalt Paving

If it is dirt, grass, gravel or an existing surface beyond repair we can turn it into a fresh black mat of asphalt.

  • The first key to complete satisfaction with your driveway is making sure that it’s layout suits your needs. We work with our customers to ensure that they have the space in the right place to make their surface as useful as possible.

  • The preparation process begins by excavating areas that do not have a proper gravel base to 12” in depth.

  • After adding 10” of base it is time to make sure that the grade of the driveway is correct. This ensures that water will drain properly off of the driveway. 

  • Now that the grade is set how we want it we compact the base with a vibratory roller. This base serves as the foundation for your asphalt. The asphalt is only as strong as the base underneath it.

  • Our base is now ready to receive a fresh 3” (the owner may request more) mat of asphalt. The asphalt is laid with a self-propelled paving machine. The job of this machine is to lay the asphalt at a consistent width and depth throughout the driveway. As the paver proceeds down the driveway it’s crew ensures that the asphalt has straight edges and matches heights with all existing surfaces (i.e. garages, sidewalks, and roads). The hot asphalt is then compacted by a vibratory roller and then rolled again once it has cooled slightly to ensure a smooth finish.